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Written Testimonials

High quality professional treatment.
"The treatment I have had so far at Bramcote Dental Practice consisted of white fillings, crowned teeth, scale and polish. This is probably normal for most people but for me just the thought of this is extremely stressful and daunting. Mr Nigel Saynor changed all this for me which was something I did not think possible. If you are afraid or even just unsure of what is needed to be done for you this is the person you need to see. In my experience he made everything seem easy and stress free. I cannot recommend Mr Saynor highly enough for his care attention and superb treatment. I became a patient at Bramcote Dental Practice on recommendation of my Husband. I admit I am absolutely terrified of going to the dentist. Mr Saynor knows this, the fact that he understands my fear has made all the difference to my treatment. I am proud of myself for going and much relieved that I know that all the teeth are good and there are no lurking horrors in the making. It is the confidence that Mr Saynor has given me in having high quality professional treatment and regular check ups over the past 8 years that I am able to go every 6 months with just a little nervousness and I am actually pleased to see my dentist!. I still skip out of the surgery with great relief as Mr Saynor always makes me feel everything is fine and problem free. Thank you for being so kind and attentive to a very 'Scardy Cat' patient! "


I am and always will be very grateful.
"After a serious accident in 2000, which left me with all my front teeth knocked out amongst other facial injuries at a young age, I thought things would never be the same, however I was referred to Nigel at Bramcote who over a duration of appointments to follow began to rebuild my teeth through the use of implants and bridge and his precision dentistry skills. We are now in 2017 and the treatment has never given me any problems and its very hard to tell that anything that happened to me. I am and always will be very grateful for Nigel as what he did with the reconstruction work has meant I have continued to be able to lead a normal life I would always recommend Bramcote and the team there as they are always friendly, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. The quality of treatment you get is first class "

David W

The visual results are amazing.
"Having recently undergone a Full Upper Arch Implant procedure with Dr Nigel Saynor, I would like to say how pleased I was with the treatment received. Being a person who is slightly nervy of dental work in the past, I can honestly say I have been transformed in my thinking after receiving my Implants. Gaynor explained to me from ...the very start, and completely reassured me that the difference would enable me to carry on without the worry of maybe more tooth loss and gum problems. All the team at Bramcote gave me their complete assistance throughout, which put me totally at ease. My Implants have completely changed my life. My extremely grateful thanks to Dr Nigel Saynor and his expertise.


"I had extractions followed by 4 implants in the lower jaw and a complete arch fitted in February 2015 and repeated the procedure 12 months later on the upper jaw. The visual results are amazing but nothing compared to the comfort and pain-free existence now gum disease has completely disappeared! I have lost count of the number of follow-up monitoring sessions and now feel completely normal, looking forward to a 6 month check-up! It wasn't cheap but I was given several options and chose the top of the range. Many people spend more on a car and this is my mouth and health I am talking about. "

"The bottom line is I was made to feel completely safe and special. Yes Nigel is the expert, he was recommended by a former pupil who went into dentistry, as the leading practitioner in the area as well as being renowned worldwide. However the technical knowledge, the reassurance and support from Gaynor Pennington and the rest of his team were essential parts of the whole package. First impressions are of a state-of-the-art surgery, an ultra - modern, very male environment softened by scented candles, soft lighting, and Molton Brown hand cream in the cloakroom. The perfectly-placed skylight above the treatment chair was incredibly soothing. "


"Like many other people of a certain age with family history of gum disease I developed tooth loss. The thought of dentures did not appeal to me at all so after making enquiries through friends and contacts with dental experience I took their advice and went to Bramcote Dental Practice for dental implants.

The treatment carried out by Dr. Nigel Saynor was completely painless and performed in a very pleasant and professional environment resulting in an excellent set of new teeth and a great smile again.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Bramcote and Dr. Nigel Saynor - they were fabulous!"

"Nigel is a man with a very special gift.
And it's with this gift people's confidence he can lift. So many of us talking behind our hands for such a long while,
But by working his magic he gives us back our smile.
For many of us, of the dentist we have an innate and unnecessary fear,
Dispel all your worry folks for Nigel the 'Super Dentist' is here!
And alongside Nigel are his wonderful and trusty crew,
What more can I say guys but a very big THANK YOU!

With all my love, Cathy Kenyon xx"

"To Nigel and the Girls
Thank you so much for all the time you have spent on my tooth and making it perfect. I am so happy with it.
I have loved coming in each week and will miss it now.
Thank you again for everything, you are all great.

Love Cally xx "

"Many thanks from me and Peter for all the work you did on our teeth, which meant we could smile on our daughter's wedding photos.
Also for making us laugh, which we have never done before in a dentist chair, and thanks to your excellent friendly staff.

Peter & Lynn "

"For many years it's been a grief,
The poor condition of my teeth,
Then there you were with lovely Nicki,
Who gave support when things got tricky.
Traumatic sessions? Only one,
Made easy by your sense of fun.
Fillings, crowns and whitening gells,
Cosmetic implant and root canals.
Then 18 months and 30 sessions,
At least a 100 damn impressions,
Now at last my teeth are done,
Perfected by 'The Handsome One'.
And even though it took a while,
I'm thrilled to bits with my new smile!!

Nigel, thank you so much, love Sam xx "